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Tile ready doors

REVIZOR Invisible Access Panels

REVIZOR invisible Access Panel is a cost effective tiled access panel solution aimed at the professional housebuilder and tiler. The Tile Access Panel is quick and easy to fit. Its inclusion into the décor of the bathroom or kitchen ensures a seamless blend with the rest of the tiling. The overall look is preserved, and when access to services is required, a light touch and the panel opens smoothly.
The tiled door is fitted with an automatic closing mechanism and is opened using a pressure opener. Invisible Tile Access Doors are available in a range of sizes designed to fit common tile with special sizes and modifications available upon request.
  • Calculate panel size based on dimensions and number of tiles being used.
  • Prepare the opening and frame edging lengths. Assemble corner units and mount the frame and door backer board.
  • Tile the door panel and area around the opening.

Once complete the Tile Access Panel can be accessed effortlessly by pressing on it and then fully releasing the panel from its hinges.
The panel can be made out of any kind of material such as tiles, marble, granite, mirror, etc.