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Cutting stainless steel and aluminum

2000W Fiber Laser

Precision-cut laser fabrications

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Our Factory

With 2000W Fiber Laser, we are able to accelerate production, cut costs, reduce scrap and master very tight measurement tolerances.

We have a fiber laser cutter IPG. The laser’s power is 2 kW, it allows us to cut sufficiently thick materials. We can cut metals up to 10 mm thick. Also, the width of the laser web is 1.5m to 3 m, allowing us to produce quite unusual large things, for instance, non-standard large-sized lattice. We can cut brass, stainless steel, steel and other various materials.

  • 0,4 – 16mm thick steel
  • Unlimited Design Freedom – Precision-cut laser fabrications.
  • Cutting standard materials such as stainless steel and aluminum

Full cycle production – From Idea to delivery to Your door!

We have a bending press with capacity of 100 tones and its web length dimension of 2.5 meters allows us to produce sufficiently large products – we can bend usual angled profiles, we can produce difficult  Z – shaped profiles, we can bend  various types of boxes, which make our production unique, versatile and complete. We are able to not just to make a piece of work for you, but to manufacture a product according to your drawings, according to your special conditions.

We have a painting booth, which is a powder spray booth. It allows us to achieve the highest quality. Therefore, our products are not subject to corrosion.

Every day, there are more than 5000 units of each type of access panels.